Tuesday, 17 September 2013

While there's life.....

I think my brain is rapidly slipping into holiday mode, and my mood into relax and enjoy!

Doing something different is an important part of life and helps refresh us for the next phase, or that is my excuse when my children say "you're not off again are you, Mum?" And the anticipation is almost as good as the holiday itself, as you plan, day dream about what you might do and count sleeps until it happens.

My elderly friend, who is blind and rather frail these days, finds that she needs things to look forward to so that she feels she has a reason to get up in the morning.  I think this is true for all of us.  Hope is under-rated as a virtue.  It might be as simple during a rainy day as hoping for a warmer sunny one soon, or that the well watered ground will nourish the plants in the garden.  Think of little children as they hope for the tooth fairy to bring a coin to replace the lost tooth, or anticipate a birthday or Christmas.  In war torn countries people hope for peace, and in famine stricken parts of the world, people hope for food, for survival.

So in a spirit of hope, I leave you in good hands with some guest posts about families, children, nannies and our usual array of topics.

Keep looking, and read and comment on the posts and I'll see you again in late October!

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